1 Which sentence is Й?

a zero conditional

b first conditional

c second conditional

d third conditional

1 __ If I miss the 8.20 train, I am late for work.

2 __ If I donХt go to the meeting, I wonХt be promoted.

3 __ If they didnХt criticize everybody, they might have some friends.

4 __ If he hadnХt been such a good swimmer, he would have drowned.

2 Rewrite the sentences with the second conditional.

1 I canХt take you to the airport because I havenХt got a car.

If I had a car, I could take you to the airport.

2 IХve got a headache. IХm not going swimming.


3 I donХt know the answer UNIT 9 EXERCISES, so I canХt tell you.


4 We wonХt have a holiday this year because we havenХt got any money.


5 I havenХt got any spare time so I wonХt learn Russian.


6 We havenХt got a big house. We canХt invite friends to stay.


7 I havenХt got a mobile, so you canХt call me.


8 He canХt win the lottery. He never buys a ticket.


9 Francis works so hard. He has no time to spend with his family.


10 WeХve got three children, so we wonХt take a year off and travel the world.


3 Rewrite the sentences using the third conditional.

1 I forgot to charge UNIT 9 EXERCISES my phone, so the battery died.

If I hadnХt forgotten to charge it, the battery wouldnХt have died.

2 They borrowed the bike without permission and were arrested.


3 They phoned for a pizza because their dinner had burned.


4 He parked his car illegally, so it was towed away.


5 He worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and made a fortune.


4 Make third conditional sentences using the prompts.

I married Pete and we moved to Australia.

But If I hadnХt met Pete, Й

we/not/get married

1 we wouldnХt have got married.

And our children/not/be born

2 ___________________________________________________

We/not/go UNIT 9 EXERCISES/to live in Australia

3 ___________________________________________________

We/not buy/a house in Sydney

4 ___________________________________________________

I/train/to be a teacher

5 ___________________________________________________

I/work/in a secondary school for 20 years

6 ___________________________________________________

5 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

1 If I ______ (got up) late yesterday, I ______ (wouldnХt / be) in such a hurry. I ______ (might not / leave) my briefcase at home, and I certainly ______ (would / arrive) in time for the most important meeting of the year.

2 If I ______ (save) some money instead of spending it all, I ______ (could / go) abroad on holiday instead of staying at home.

3 I felt like a fool. I ______ (should / tell) my best friend UNIT 9 EXERCISES I liked Georges. She never could keep a secret.

4 I ______ (should / take) the metro instead of the bus, I ______ (might / avoid) the traffic jam.

6 Underline the correct form.

1 It was stupid of you to drive so fast!

You could / should have had an accident.

2 If youХd had an accident, you would / might have been hurt!

3 If IХd been with you, I could / would have told you to stop driving.

4 What a shame you stopped training to be an athlete!

You should / might have carried on.

5 You never know! You could / should have been world champion!

6 You couldnХt / shouldnХt have UNIT 9 EXERCISES told anyone my secret! You promised you wouldnХt tell!

7 Complete the conditional sentences with one or two words using the prompts in brackets.

1 If you cook, I Хll wash (wash) up.

2 If IХd ________ (know) they were coming to stay, I ________ have bought more food.

3 If you ________ (travel) at night, the fare is cheaper.

4 I ________ (be) very angry if you forgot my birthday.

5 I ________ (not run) into a house if it ________ (be) on fire.

6 If you ________ (phone) earlier, I could ________ (give) you the news myself.

7 If you ________ (need) any help, let me know and I ________ (come) and help UNIT 9 EXERCISES you straight away.

8 If there ________ (be) any tickets left for the concert, ____ you ____ (buy) two for me and Tom?